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Independence is important, but as we age, it gets harder to maintain. You have earned the right to live in a place of your choosing, but when you remain in your own home you sacrifice some of the support available in retirement living communities. Wouldn’t it be great to have easy access to the services you need without having to move? Perhaps you have heard of the Senior Concierge Villages that are available in some neighborhoods - but not in yours. Our simple, inexpensive solution brings you some of the most important features of Village membership, right where you are already living!

According to AARP, nearly 90% of people over age 65 want to stay at home for as long as possible. Living at home and staying in a familiar community may offer benefits to seniors’ emotional well-being — but research indicates that a staggering number of seniors who should be receiving assisted living care are still living at home — in many cases, alone. It is estimated that over 12% of seniors 65 and older — more than 5 million — need assistance with long-term care to perform activities of daily life.

Warning signs that living alone is no longer safe for an older adult include:

• Medication management issues
• Poor eyesight
• Social isolation
• Forgetting appointments
• Unable to keep up with daily chores and housekeeping
• Poor nutrition or malnutrition
• Home safety hazards such as poor lighting and loose carpeting
• Unable to pay bills on time

Members benefits include:

  • Regular delivery - right to your building - of a packet of services for seniors
  • Most service providers in the packet offers a “Members Only” discount
  • Many of our direct care providers will also accept your Medicare benefits
  • Don’t see what you need in your coupon packet?
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Easier Aging offers a solution that puts you together with the seniors who need you to stay independent. Our unique approach involves providing information about our participating service providors to seniors living in urban settings that are not dedicated senior-living communities.

Our plan involves promoting your services in the following ways:

• Building to building/Door to door delivery of marketing materials

• Creating an active internet presence through which seniors can access additional promotional and educational information

• Generating opportunities for vendors to gain exposure via presentations to groups of seniors arranged for through our Speakers Bureau, working with property managers and Activities Directors at our targeted NORCs.

We provide a unique and targeted way to reach seniors who may not typically get access to vital information about your services - a more direct, targeted, and cost efficient approach for promoting your services and generating referrals than ordinary advertising. We put your materials directly into the hands of potential clients with adequate incomes to afford your services (most will, of course, also have Medicare coverage).

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